Villa Vulin

Tommaseova 10, 52100 Pula, Pula, Istria, Croatia

The Villa Vulin is the first Croatian five-star boutique hotel and generally one of the rare hotels with such high ranking. We are proud of the fact that our reputation is much more than a note on a piece of paper. Our services make difference between a hotel accommodation and a luxurious accommodation on an attractive location. Restaurant of the Villa Vulin, with its reputation, stands at the forefront of quality cuisine all across the region. Our chefs have always been world-renowned experts of cuisine and Mediterranean delicacies. The wine boutique and wine cellar of this hotel are something you certainly do not expect as a part of a tourist facility. They are a treasury with over 500 bottles from all around the world, some of which date back decades ago. The Villa Vulin is more than an accommodation, it is a majestic experience. The building of the hotel was completed in 2000, at the turn of the new millennium, and since then it has been a prestigious restaurant and a wine boutique. Food portfolios, desserts and selected beverages in combination with pleasant atmosphere and service have always attracted a wide range of customers, who are always very important to us. You might easily be among them, next to presidents, actors and other people who have indebted us with their lifework. World Luxury Hotel Awards:

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